*Mini-Komix accepts comics material of multiple genres. We deal in all kinds of titles such as sci-fi, fantasy, manga, drama, comedy, horror, furry, superhero, etc. We operate by doing a single intial print run of each comic. Further publications or future issues of that are based on how well the original comic sells. Submissions are done one of two ways, either as their own title, or in one of our anthology series, like Thought Balloon. Depending on the length of the submission, or if it's intended to be a continuing story, it would be published as its own title. If it is a short submission, particularly a self-contained story, then it would probably be placed in one of our anthologies. All those whose submissions are published as their own title would recieve half of the original print run for themselves to keep and do with what they want. All those whose submissions are placed in an anthology title would instead recieve a finite number of copies of the original print run based on how much of that issue their work takes up.
Here are the guidelines for all our submissions:

*Send all material either as hard copies(prints or printouts)on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper, or on CD-ROM. No original artwork.
*All characters, storylines, and artwork must be the artist's original creation. If material is not of the artist's creation they must show the original owner's consent.
*Submissions intended to be in a Mini-Komix anthology like Thought Balloon must be no longer than 24 pages long.
*Only send completed submissions. Do not post or email us samples.
*No material dealing with ultra-violence, sex scenes, or excessive frontal nudity.
*Submissions sent for sketchbooks must follow the same guidelines. We will accept submissions for sketchbooks through email, as well as through the post.

Here are the guidelines for Super Sexy Sketchbook:

We're now taking submissions for the next issue of our non-adult pinup comic series. This issue will have the theme of "Monster Girls". Send in only B&W or greyscale art for this by Dec. 1, 2009. Submissions can be emailed, or sent through the post on 8 1/2 x 11 paper or CD-Rom. Please include name & address. Pinups must be of an original female monster character(s). The character can be from a comic the artist owns, but if they're not the copyright holders of it then they must get permission from the original owners.
*Send all submissions to our postal address:
P.O. Box 53113, Atlanta, GA. 30355, USA
Please include this submission form along with your artwork.
For any further info, please email us!

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