*Q: What is Mini-Komix?
*A: We're an independent publisher of mini-comic books, artist's sketchbooks, and graphic novels. We work directly with the comics creators on publishing out their work. Sometimes its done as its own title, while other times its part of an anthology, like Thought Balloon.
*Q: What's Thought Balloon?
*A: Thought Balloon is our generic anthology series which is usually at least 50 pages long, and contains several different short comic stories, as well as some comic strips. Each entry in it is from 1-24 pages in length, and is in black & white or greyscale. There's also a companion comic titled Quick Thoughts.
*Q: What's Jankenpon?
*A: Jankenpon is a manga-styled anthology series featuring material all written by Jer Alford. This includes his earlier works like Senshi Vs. Sentai, Rabina, Jesi The Genie, and Gaijin Hi.
*Q: What's Ninja High School Dojinshi?
*A: NHS Dojinshi is a collected edition of several "fan comics" that have appeared in the NHS comic annuals & other specials over the last 2 decades. These are fully authorized by the series creator Ben Dunn, and printed with permission by the original artists & writers. Each issue of NHS Dojinshi is set to a theme like "In Space".
*Q: What is Super Sexy Sketchbook?
*A: SSS is our ongoing pinup comic series. Each issue will have a particular theme to it featuring artwork from various creators. Submissions must be in B&W or greyscale, and only 1-3 pieces of artwork per issue.
*Q: Do you do your own printing?
*A: For most of our self-published titles, yes. But for cases involving graphic novels, prestige formatting, and some color comics, we either go through a different printer or allow the comics creators to print them on their own while still having the comic under our label.
*Q: Do you do color or black & white?
*A: We do both. For most of our in-house publications, they are done in either black & white or greyscale. Most of the colored comics are done by different printers, although we still do the editing.
*Q: What are the guidelines for sending in submissions?
*A: You can see our submissions page for info on that.
*Q: Do you print out sketchbooks?
*A: Yes. Some are done by a specific artist, while others will be a collected edition of various art from different creators.
*Q: How much does it cost for printing?
*A: For what we print out on our own, we do not charge the original creators. We instead do an initial print run to a set number, and then split them accordingly between us and them. The copies we keep we sell to cover printing costs. For some of our anthology titles like Thought Balloon, the amount of copies the original artist recieves depends on what percentage of that issue their work takes up.
*Q: How do you distribute your comics?
*A: We sell our comics online through our store. We also make them available through several different retailers and comics sellars. Anyone wishing to become one of our distributors, please contact us.

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